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Open to all Ghanaians, friends of Ghana and other individuals who seek to promote unity among Ghanaians.

To foster a spirit of friendship, mutual understanding and   respect among the people of the Ghanaian community.

Mission + Vision


To promote and maintain Ghanaian heritage and culture.
Assisting in the integration of new arrivals to Tampa Bay Florida.
Community Outreach.
Youth mentorship program.
​Welfare of it's members, sharing pertinent information with members.

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What We Are about

Ghanaian Association of Tampa Bay is proud to announce that, it is officially a public charity with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All contributions donated to the Ghanaian Association of Tampa Bay are fully tax-deductible in accordance with section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.


We, Ghanaians and our immediate families residing in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, in the United States of America, recognizing and believing in the need to unite to pursue common goals that will enrich our lives, to promote our heritage and culture, and to maintain the friendship and the community aspects of our social lives do hereby form this non-profit organization and enact and adopt a constitution.

Mr. Kwamena Sankah

"It’s amazing what we can do, when we come together. ​Our willingness to make a difference is strengthened through unity, and the importance of being prepared."

I welcome you to the official website of the Ghanaian Association of Tampa Bay   (GTAB). We are a Not-for-Profit organization focused on the Ghanaian youth educational development, membership support and cultural activities. It is the joy of GATB to be a source of strength to members. GATB intends to achieve these goals by promoting the spirit of friendship among members, respecting one another  and encouraging members to be resolute as they aspire to achieve their dreams. The  members  of GATB are Ghanaians by birth, descent, association and friends of Ghana, living in and around the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA . This platform will also be used to promote other activities of the association by way of information. Our membership is open to all people, without regard to race or nationality.    


I thank you for taking time to visit us, and your support by way of donation is very much appreciated as it has made it possible for us to continue to be of service to members of the community.


Membership shall be open to all Ghanaians, friends of Ghana and other individuals who seek to promote unity among Ghanaians here and abroad and are willing to abide by the constitution of the Association.

Members in good standing shall be individuals who are current with the payment of annual membership dues, and renewal dues, they must have attended meetings and functions as required every year and/or have participated in at least one committee or activity in one year.

Each registered member shall be required to pay membership dues of $10.00 (ten dollars) a month or ($120.00 per year). Any person, who does not renew his /her membership every years, shall cease to be a member. The membership dues shall be non-refundable. Members in good standing shall enjoy benefits only when all membership dues are paid up-to-date and before the occurrence of any incident.

Individuals seeking membership shall complete an application form and pay the initial onetime $50.00 enrollment contribution plus membership dues as stated.

Some Membership Benefits include;
Youth Activities and Mentorship
Leadership Opportunities and Seminars
Mobilization of support for members in times of need.
Information sharing
Social and Networking Opportunities
Reduced Admission Fees to Celebrations and other functions.
Picnic and Christmas party events
GATB Newsletter
Education in financial, health and other civic issues.