​​Membership Application Form


Membership shall be open to all Ghanaians, friends of Ghana and other individuals who seek to promote unity among Ghanaians here and abroad and are willing to abide by the constitution of the Association.

Members in good standing shall be individuals who are current with the payment of annual membership dues, and renewal dues, they must have attended meetings and functions as required every year and/or have participated in at least one committee or activity in one year.

Each registered member shall be required to pay membership dues of $10.00 (ten dollars) a month or ($120.00 per year). Any person, who does not renew his /her membership every years, shall cease to be a member. The membership dues shall be non-refundable. Members in good standing shall enjoy benefits only when all membership dues are paid up-to-date and before the occurrence of any incident.

Individuals seeking membership shall complete an application form and pay the initial onetime $50.00 enrollment contribution plus membership dues as stated.

Some Membership Benefits include;
Youth Activities and Mentorship

Leadership Opportunities and Seminars

Mobilization of support for members in times of need.

Information sharing
Social and Networking Opportunities
Reduced Admission Fees to Celebrations and other functions.
Picnic and Christmas party events
GATB Newsletter
Education in financial, health and other civic issues.